Helping our Local area by connecting local arts, businesses and nonprofits!

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Support Local Arts on Sept 27

September 27 - 
Support Local Arts at Donatos
Local Art/Music & More

Art, Music and More!

5:30 to 9:30 pm at Donatos

Art, Music and More - Join us!

Local Art Music and More - community events


Come as You Art

Come as You Art has become a costume/karaoke contest this year too! Enter to win cash prizes 

(best costume/best performance) 

Local Art Show and sale.... Prizes and drawings throughout the night and Audience Costume contest too!


Santa Summit

This inclusive art, music festival and more is scheduled for November 2019.  Location TBD.

This community event is filled with local artists and musician is  family friendly and inclusive.  Children can learn about different holiday traditions around the world.


Jolly July

Since 2015, Santa Claus has traveled to Virginia Beach for his summer vacation.  While here, he always helps us with Jolly July,  a local art and music festival with drawings for prizes, activities for kids in an accessible family-friendly environment.  


We are grateful to all of our Volunteers , Sponsors,  Artists and Performers for making  Jolly July 2019 the best yet!

Local art, music and more - events

No upcoming events.

What Box?


We Volunteer & Help

October 14, 2016 - Members volunteered at MOCA’s Monster Mash

October 14, 2016 - Volunteered at MOCA’s Monster Mash (dressed as famous artworks/artists - educational)

NOT our event, we did this to help MOCA.  We educated children on different art and artists and provided an activity page for children.


A Fundraiser Film? YES!!!

Pride in our community and the drive to do more led us to producing this film for the purpose of sharing information about nonprofits as well as inspiring other communities.

This film is a fundraising "tool" and more information on how you can show it for Educational/Fundraising purposes:



What Box?

Problem:  There's a big art show at the oceanfront and the new restaurant thinks they will lose business

Problem: The show at the oceanfront has a large "fee" for artists to show/sell

Solution: By working together - the business got more business and the artists had help with sponsorship to offset the "fee"

"We really love supporting people in our community and feel like Virginia Art with Heart supports us too!" Cheryll McLauren, Owner Mangia Qui Italian Bistro

Shop for "Good" - 10% of Proceeds to our partner

Some of the above art was commissioned to help nonprofits by:


Thank you Artists!

We're happy you were able to participate in Jolly July 2019 - please use the button below to make your donation for Virginia Beach School's Beach Bags Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Jolly July Promotional Videos

Jolly July - In the news

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