Creative Members

LOCAL creative people – including Artists, Musicians, Actors, Writers and more, commit to donating at least 10% of profit to charity!  Our LOCAL Creative Members believe that helping others is an important part of what they do!

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Our Sponsors do so much more than help pay for an event!  Our Sponsor members believe in the mission of helping all who serve in our community!  By providing funding for events or programs, they help us to provide support to the nonprofits while keeping the arts alive in our community!

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Nonprofits and Community

Nonprofit Members and the community share information about other members and thank our sponsors! Our member nonprofits are vital to our community!  Each of our members, whether nonprofit, creative or sponsor – support each other with referrals and promotion.

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We’re more than a Membership…



About us…

Our organization was started by artists and friends in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lori Dunn, Martha C. Wilson and Tamara Seraph are existing members and the original founders of, Virginia Art With Heart. At a meeting at a very known coffee place at the oceanfront (perhaps they will sponsor us?) one Sunday afternoon, we agreed that artists, musicians and other creative professionals are some of the most passionate people we know. Each of us already had experience and were involved in some type of charitable education, volunteering and fundraising.  We agreed that it would be easy to find other creative professionals just like us, who are willing to go above and beyond for a good cause.

Working Class Karma, doing business LOCALLY in Coastal Virginia as Virginia Art With Heart, is a NETWORK of LOCAL Creative people, nonprofits and sponsors who are committed  to raising money and awareness for nonprofits.  Our mission is to collaborate and network with each other for the good of ALL.

Working Class Karma is destined to grow.  This simple concept of a NETWORK of LOCAL businesses, creatives and nonprofits dedicated to supporting each other can work everywhere.  In time, there will be a way to search the Working Class Karma members by locality.  We will instill the sense of community spirit and support LOCAL everywhere!!!

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