VIRGINIA ART WITH HEART is a simple concept.

Our organization was started by artists and friends in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Lori Dunn, Martha C. Wilson and Tamara Seraph are existing members and the original founders of, Virginia Art With Heart. At a meeting at a very known coffee place at the oceanfront (perhaps they will sponsor us?) one Sunday afternoon, we agreed that artists, musicians and other creative professionals are some of the most passionate people we know. Each of us already had experience and were involved in some type of charitable education, volunteering and fundraising.  We agreed that it would be easy to find other creative professionals just like us, who are willing to go above and beyond for a good cause.

As individuals, we could just keep doing what we were doing, but as a group, we can collectively hold events and raise more money and awareness while educating people with the help of our members. Through our friendship and support of each other, we are successful. Our charities get the help they need and because members commit to supporting the community in a positive and proactive manner, our local economy is helped too.

Our Members show at galleries, perform at restaurants and other venues, have online shops that are all linked to our website. This creates more exposure and potential support for Charities! Truly a win-win because the purchaser of any art or music or attendee at any event, gets what they pay for and know they are also helping a great charity! The logo was agreed upon – reflecting a paintbrush and musical notes (a line from Jimi Hendrix’ ANGEL) and the HALO reminds us to be nice.

We look forward to the future and hope you’ll become a part of Virginia Art With Heart, either as a fan, creative professional or sponsor. Perhaps all three!

Thank you!

Lori Dunn, President and Founder
Martha C. Wilson, Founder
Tamara Seraph, Founder