Artistic Expressions by Denise Wright

Artistic Expressions by Denise Wright

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I am a native born New Yorker from the Triboro area of Brooklyn. I have lived in the Tidewater area since 1989 through my military career in the United States Navy. I have two beautiful children and one precious three-year old grandbaby, whom I adore.

My early years as an artist were realized at the age of five. I was fortunate enough to have had wonderful teachers and opportunities throughout my life. My art teachers saw m potential and assisted me into getting accepted into some state-funded art scholarship programs. I was able to study my craft, and further my artistic abilities using acrylics, clay, and pencils. As a result, I was accepted in the elite Art & Design High School in Manhattan, NY, during the 10th grade.

As a growing artist I always wanted to explore new media and made the decision in 2010 to take three continuing education classes in watercolors through the Adult Learning Center in Virginia Beach, VA. The classes were instructed by Ms. Kelly Woodruff and with her expertise I was able to master watercolors and take it to a whole new level. I am not limited to watercolors and enjoy using pencils as another form of expression with my art. However, through my watercolor paintings, I feel that I am able to elevate my experience into sensational realism that evokes angelic transcendence.

I was fortunate to have become associated with Working Class Karma through a couple of friends in the Hampton Roads area. Working Class Karma is a nonprofit organization with a well rounded bunch of professional individuals whose purpose is to help local artist and elevate them to another level.

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