Statement of understanding

Signing up as a non-profit supported by Working Class Karma is simple and beneficial to your organization.

By signing up as a non-profit you have permission to upload your logo onto our website and social media pages and may also announce events and information on our calendar and media.  By signing up, you agree to the following:

Your non-profit logo and link may be included on social media, our website on an individual member’s page and in printed material, showing we support your mission.

Working Class Karma will NEVER collect, or represent that we collect money for you.  Your logo on our website will be linked directly to YOUR website.

A representative from your organization should attend events created by Working Class Karma, for collecting money and distributing information about your organization.

Individual members will donate a portion of their proceeds from sales and a portion of proceeds from events (created or highlighting you) will be given to you.

If an event includes your non-profit, you must promote the event on social media and your website an include the event in your calendar of events.

Please also support our efforts to help other charities in any way that you consider appropriate.