Disclosure to sponsors

Working Class Karma, dba Virginia Art With Heart, is a 501(3)(C) non-profit membership of LOCAL Creative Professionals who volunteer, donate and/or promote charity in a positive and proactive manner.  Each member is committed to positive or private communication, which means you will be supporting caring, positive and professional LOCALS, who, in turn, will support YOU!

Your Donation will be acknowledged on Social Media, our website, feature in our online newsletter and your sponsorship will be included in hand-outs and posters for distribution and display during the next-scheduled event and/or Posters and flyers distributed to Creative Professionals, Non-Profits and other Sponsors to increase membership.

There are opportunities to support our operation, an individual artist’s show fees, promotion, etc.  In EVERY case, your sponsorship will be acknowledged and you will be promoted by our membership.

This is a unique concept, but very simple!  Support your LOCAL Creative Professionals and get HUGE thanks in return (and probably more business too)!   Working Class Karma is just that!